New Sunglass Technology For The Summer Sports Season

If you’ve been outdoors recently you’ve noticed that big orange thing up in the sky, the sun I believe they call it, has emerged from behind those pesky clouds and is shining brightly once again against the clear blue sky. Time to find the right sports sunglasses!

This means two things for you: 1) it’s time do go outdoors again and 2) it’s time to get out your sport sunglasses. Chances are you’ve either lost last year’s pair or they have become horribly out of style, so with that in mind it’s time to once again think about getting a new pair.

Sure, you want something that looks good and yeah, you don’t want them to break the first time they hit the ground, but there are so many other factors to look into when picking your next pair of sport sunglasses. Gone are the days of basic dark lenses in a black frame, now there is a wide variety of technology to consider before your next purchase.

There has been a major shift towards the use of the new technology of Polarized lenses in the sunglass community. Southern California based Kaenon claims that their patented “SR-91” technology is the “most advanced polarized lenses on the planet”. Using the “SR-91” technology, polarized lenses help deflect glare allowing only essential light through the lenses to produce clearer vision, more accurate depth perception and truer color representation. This helps the sunglass wearer have better vision when doing everything from cycling to skiing. Kaenon claims that their glasses reduce up to 99.9% percent of the glare that can inhibit your sight, which is good for summer sporting activities whether at the beach or in the park. There is nothing worse than glare when you’re being active, so to clearly see the ball (or the mountain) “SR-91” technology might be your best friend.

While black lenses have been a traditional option in the past, many sunglass companies, such as the Southern California based Arnette, have begun to feature a variety of colored lenses options. The cool things about these different lenses are that each color represents a different option for your own “viewing” needs. The brown lenses, for example claim to filter out a large proportion of blue light while providing excellent contrast and well defined images. Green, on the other hand, reduces visible light while maintaining clear vision. They suggest these lenses for extreme conditions such as snow while their grey lenses claim to protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation. These lenses are in addition to the standard polarized lenses which help limit reflective glare from water, snow, sand or the road.

There are other new technologies to also keep your eyes out for this summer such as Oakley’s “High Definition Optics” which claim to give 100% UV filtering and a “non-shifted” view, or Ray-Ban’s “Carbon Fibre Line” which promises lighter, stronger and more flexible lenses and frames.

Like any investment, researching each product is a good bet before making your purchase. Chances are you will be willing to spend a little extra on a brand of sunglasses or a new technology that will fit your individual needs. Just try not to lose them again this winter.